Here is a reason you are on New World There are NO accidents in God/Source/ZeroPoint. What is your connection?

Where you one of the Holy Women or a disciple or an Apostle of Christ? Or were you a follower of John the Baptist in the time of Christ?

You may be very drawn to Mother Mary even if you are not Catholic. Or you may be repealed by her. Being unable to say the Catholic Rosary Prayer maybe a sign of being forced in some past life or an unhappy experience happening to you in this life.

Our Lady, Mother Mary would never force anyone. She is our loving Mother and does NOT belong to Any Church. She is our non-denominational Divine Mother/Goddess/Principle. She is a co-creatrix. She intercedes Before the Father God often pleading for humankind. No other Ascended Master does this for us and humanity in general. If people realized the true situation, they would surely be devoted to Our Lady.

Our Messenger, Oracle, Mary Clarice McChrist, could not say the original rosary because she did not resonate with some of the words.  Mother Mary explained this to Mary-Ma McChrist and gave her a lovely rosary in 1976 – “The Blessed Ascension Rosary” for this new dispensation.


The Blessed Ascension Rosary

Hail Mary full of Grace,

Blessed art thou among women,

And blessed is the Fruit of thy womb Jesus. 


Hail Mary, Mother of us all.

Blend with us, children of the Sun/Son,

For we have consciously won our ascension,

Right now and forever I Am.


It is a short, sweet and powerful. It gives permission for Mother Mary to help humanity and the world’s children.  We live in a free will planet, Even Ascended Masters, avatars, and world teachers cannot by Cosmic Law aid us without our permission. Giving a Rosary prayer, or a mantra or a Ascended Master decree gives the deity being permission to come to our aid.

Since then, Mother Mary has given Mary Clarice fourteen (14) different rosary prayers and amazing teachings including the profound “13 Lessons with Mother Mary.” This is not available any where else. Please share this information with your spiritual friends.