My Dear Children,

Our “13 Days with Mother Mary” are coming to a close. You are welcome to continue working with me on a daily basis. We can meditate together and work on your Daily Practices.  It is your choice as you wait for your “13 Days with Jesus.”

My hope is that you will choose to continue on with me. Work on the lessons again and again as you wish. Which ones we’re most helpful to you and why?

Your comments can help spread New World Teachings. What are your questions for me? If they are general questions, we can discuss these Sabbath, after our Blue Rose devotional 11:30-11:45 AM PST. If they are too personal call Ma, 530-568-1106. Send your class comments to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Some will be posted with your first name and initials if that is all right with you.

Come to the “13 Days with Jesus,” which will begin soon. This will be a wonderful experience for you. This first run of “13 Days” was new for all of us. It will be so much easier this time. That we all know the basics of the web site and how it all works together.

Please also share your suggestions.

I ask you to honor the fact that these classes are under copy-write. They help Mother Mary-Ma pay her bills, so do not give them out to others. We have worked 13 hours a day for 3 months, and now about 6 hours a day for the last few weeks.  Thank you for participating and understanding.

You will receive your “13 Days with Mother Mary Certificate” in the next ten days but you must first attend two Fatima Vigils (These are postponed at this time until someone steps forward to run the Fatima Vigals and two Sabbath days, Blue Rose Devotions. 

I love you and hold you always in my heart of hearts.

I Am Mary, Queen of Peace.

Heart Stream Mary Clarice McChrist

Revised on 9-1-2020 

How can you help?

Tell your spiritual friends about NewWorldTeachingscom. Give them the web site: Share your own comment and what you have received from the classes. Please send these comments to us as well. Post “13 Lessons with Mother Mary" or "13 lessons With Jesus Christ” on your Facebook and social media.Thank you so much.

Remember, if one of your friends takes a course you will get your next class for 50% off. If two people come because of you, then you come free.  You can’t do better than that. Let me know you have done this.

Have a wonderful day.


Mary-Ma 530-568-1106.