The First Communication from Elvis Presley

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“My 85th birthday would be 1-08-2020.  There was quite a crowd outside Graceland today.  It does amaze me, after all these years. I died in 1977.  

Yes, You Mary-Ma McChrist asked Our Lady Mother Mary to go retrieve me out of Hell.  Believe me, it’s not a nice place.

Funny, I am a Christian, and I really adore Christ the Lord but, hardly thought about Mother Mary.  It’s weird, Christians only think about her at Christmas. But she rescued me.  “What She says, goes down there.”  She asked them to release me IMMEDIATELY, and they did!


The devil?   Whatever that is, even apologized to me, and said “I sent myself to hell because I was in such a low place in my life when I died.” The dark side was very pleased-of course.

The “path of ruin”, I sure walked in the end.  I’d like to write a song about that. I felt like a sinking rock, I couldn’t seem to stop myself.  Maybe my song would save souls.  I’d really love that.

     Mother Mary told me, my love for her Son Lord Jesus had kept me lifted - up a few other times when fame and too much stuff went to my head.  

  The music and entertainment business is a strange master.  Satan seems to be waiting if you ever stepped over the line.  So many in Hollywood and in the business who have come close to Godhood fell - crashed and burned.  I mean that quite literally.

Walk with God/Christ, and you’re on a safe path.  I want everyone to know, your Soul is very important - more than money, fame, or cars - anything on the material plane.

     What really counts is your heart and your family. I want my fans to really get this. Via Con Dias-Go with God.  Fans, thank Mother Mary for me, I wouldn’t be free without her.


     Sometimes, “I ain’t nothing but a hound dog.” But, you know; I’ve learned a lot and my heart and head are straight now. 

Love you all,


Elvis Presley

1-10-2020 Full moon and Eclipse

Heart Stream/Telepathic Message from Mary-Ma-Mary Clarice McChrist   


The Second Communication from Elvis Presley: Elvis Comments on Hell


   Elvis speaks: I can’t share what I went through, it’s too terrible.  I can’t look at your wood stove burning Mary-Ma McChrist, without cringing and feeling great terror.

   What I want to say, is deep and will sound crazy.  When I was a star - I was micro-managed. There was little or no freedom.  Now suddenly, I am my own man; I can speak freely. So, here we go.

     I’ve been hanging out with David Bowie.  He is very enlightened and I am learning stuff, I didn’t know: past lives-future lives, different timelines - all happening at once, parallel realities, many dimensions-amazing stuff.

    There are no mistakes.  Everything happens for a reason - Even my coming back from hell, might really help someone else.  

   When I was on earth, it was such a superficial life - money-drama - glamour, so much which is meaningless spiritually.  I need to spend time with myself and get acquainted with the Lord again. I didn’t really get it, like I do now.


Elvis Presley

1-11-2020 © 2020 by Mary McChrist. All Rights reserved. 

Telepathic Message from  Mary-Ma, Mary Clarice McChrist


The Third Communication from Elvis Presley


 Mary-Ma McChrist tests spirit before her communication.

 I tested Elvis, and he passed with flying colors.


           Elvis speaks:  AA Raphael, Mother Mary’s twin flame, is really cool.

He, AA Raphael has been teaching me spiritual protocol - how people should test spirit and be sure your talking to the right spirit/person.

   Here is the testing protocol.  ”Are you of the highest Christ light?”(2x) the spirit should say - yes.  Then, this is the cool part. “Ok, if you are - Elvis, Mother Mary, etc. Open my physical heart.”  The dark side cannot open the heart - only love and light can do that. So, just sit tight, you do nothing and your heart should open.  If the spirit cannot do that you day, you say -“Get thee hence Satan.” Just like Jesus Christ taught us. Now, what if the spirit is negative; and won’t leave you alone?  

   “OK folks, call AA Michael to escort the bad spirit away.  He will show up and protect you. If, and only if, you invite him to do that. Otherwise, he can’t by Cosmic Law, because we live on a Free Will earth.

   The good guys get your sacred permission; the negative ones force whatever they want.  Ask Michael Jackson, Prince, And Lady Gaga. The Soul of Hollywood is bought and sold daily.  

    Cool, they can’t kill me, because I am already dead.  That’s enough for now. They can learn from my mistakes.  Blogging with Elvis


Instructions for Mary Ma.

   “I, am Mother Mary, Queen of Peace.  Put the transmissions with Elvis Presley under Lesson 11: Death, Transition and Ascension on the “13 Days with Mother Mary.”  I feel, like Elvis, that this will help many of his devoted fans. 

    I am happy to have rescued Elvis from his self-imposed fate.  He is a very high soul who fell at the end of his life. Others be aware of this trap.  

   I am Mother Mary, Queen of Peace.  Elvis has asked to take the “13 Days with Mother Mary”  at the appropriate time. I feel very honored with his decision to take my first class on the - “13 Days with Mother Mary.”  This is a prerequisite for the “13 days with Jesus Christ” which will be unveiled on 1-24-2020 as we begin to shift to the Aquarian Age.


Elvis speaks:  Mary Ma-tell the people who you are. 


 I am Mary Ma McChrist.

I have been a Messenger for Spirit and the Holy Family: Jesus, Mary, and Joseph and other Ascended Masters since 1971.  I am a grandmother of seven, a mother of 4, and former school teacher for 17 years; Spiritual teacher and author of 9 books; the founder of the Mother-Matrix and the “13 days with…”


 Elvis Presley came to me to communicate with me 3 times.  I then decided to work with him. Because, I normally just work with high dimensional spiritual masters and not normal humans.  No offense to the king. I asked myself this morning, on 1-13 2020, ‘Why is Elvis called the King?’ Besides the reasons we know about him, as the king of Rock and Roll and the entertainment industry.  

I realized Elvis, in a past life, was King David, son of Solomon - the richest person of that time period in the Bible.

Remember in the Bible, remember David sang and soothed King Solomon, just like he, Elvis soothed us.  He also killed Goliath, the Giant, when he was a young boy. Question? Was that a symbol of the entertainment industry that he took by storm?

The Davidic Lineage: The line of David is the Christ and the Mother Mary line.  It’s all the same family -The Family of the Holy Grail.  Elvis is part of this family as well - so is Mary Ma McChrist. Notice the name.  

What is going on with Elvis right now?

AA Raphael, Mother Mary’s Angelic twin flame is teaching Elvis a little protocol for the telepathic communication so he can work more harmoniously together with Mary Ma McChrist.  Then, Elvis will return a second time; into the huge Holy Grail Healing Cup to purify and heal the horrible experience of Hell.  

This is very important!  God did not send Elvis to hell. He, like most people, sent himself to hell, because his lifestyle at the end was vibrating on that low astral plane level.  He did not feel worthy at the time, to go to Heaven. Even though he helped many fans in his earlier life.  

Mary McChrist saw a U tube video on Elvis and Graceland. Elvis came to her right after that - about 4 months ago.  But, they weren’t supposed to work together yet. Elvis wants his fans to learn from what he accidentally did to himself.


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Heart  Stream (telepathic communication with) Mary Ma McChrist

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