Jesus Changes our Devotion to Saturday.

Jesus Christ asked that New World Teachings would switch our day of Devotion to Saturday, the SABBATH DAY. He explained that originally it was on Saturday, but the church switched it to Sunday. Jesus told us that this weakened the momentum of both days of devotion. To honor His wishes and those of The Father, we now do our group prayers on Saturday NOT Sunday. The time remains the same, 10-11:30 AM PST. Please join us for each SABBATH.

Please feel free to join us for a live Devotion Prayer gathering (information can be found on the Events menu above.)
One of our clairvoyant members will also share what he sees during the Prayer session. This a very fascinating experience, and if you are not able to attend live please listen to the recordings below.

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My Recording

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My Recording

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My Recording

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Much love,

Mother Mary-Ma