JL-1_Blue Rose

New channeled information 3-29-2020

Why the Blue Rose?

Do you get a physical or emotional reaction to the Blue Rose? Are you triggered by it? If so, you are probably part of the Blue Rose Family, the family of the Holy Grail. This maybe a connection to the past Royals in Europe or the Holy Family of Christ, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene or Saint Germain/Joseph.

Magdalene’s Black Rose, the Love Story of Jesus and Mary Magdalene gives you more details to this connection. See Chapter 86, “The Blue Rose” on page 320.

Our Lord reveals this connection in His 13 Lessons with Christ. So much is revealed in His non-religious, esoteric teachings. They are primarily mystical and unknown to many beings. We are very blessed for Christ to share these with us.

Thank you, Jesus.