Non-denominational Prayers for

 Healing the Coronavirus

 (Pick the ones you relate to.)

 by Mother Mary-Ma McChrist


 #1 Calling the Madonna and Child

 Beloved Child and Mother of Christ

 For protection and solace we call. 

 Keep us safe from the Corona Virus. 

 Melt it away Mother, Do it now. 

 Thank you, Lady Mary.


 O Mantle of Protection,

 Enfold us we call. 

Thy Angels surround us,

 We cannot fall.


 Before is blue lightning, 

Above us, white light,

Both Jesus and Mary,

Protect us tonight.

#2 Our Lady’s Call

O Mary,Our Mother,

O come from above, 

O Mary, Our Mother,

Bring protection and Love.


No virus can touch us,

Our fears melt away, 

No virus can touch us, 

We kneel and we pray.


No matter what’s happening,

We know we are safe,

No matter what’s happening,

Bring your healing and Grace.


#3 The Children

The Children are sleeping,

Grandma is so calm, 

No plague can come neigh us, 

Our fear is all gone.


We are world clearing, 

The rains washing down, 

Our hope is returning, 

And our energy will ground.


#4 Prayer to Our Father

O tree of Father God,

 Your strength and your might, 

O tree of Father God, 

We ground in your pure light


We’re anchored and steadfast,

Cancel panic and shame, 

O God, Our Great Father, 

We call in your Name.


Your Son is a healer, 

Your Mother’s a saint,

 Your Son is a healer,

 You never will faint.


 Let us pray for the world,

 Let us sing a new song,

 Let us pray for the world, 

 All fear is now gone.


We’re all feeling better

Join in our new song, 

Of healing and perfection, 

Our fear is all gone.


#5 Appeal to Lord Jesus

O Jesus, come forth now, 

We know that you will, 

O Jesus come forth now, 

And heal every ill.


There is enough Jesus,

To meet every need, 

There is enough Jesus, 

So we can proceed.


JC through MA 3-14-2020


#6 Ascended Masters

 Ascended Masters we thank you,

 And bow to your power,

 Ascended Masters we thank you, 

 Were healing this hour.  

 So Be It and So It Is. 

 Mother Mary-Ma McChrist

Mother Mary-Ma McChrist has been a prayer warrior since 1971 and an Ascended Master Messenger.  She has helped create many ”living Masters,” Visit us at join our very profound self-mastery classes- we would like that.  Heal yourself, your family, and your world.

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Make Your Choice!

I choose life, I choose light, I choose love, I choose the Divine Plan.

Clear whatever no longer serves you.  People will be leaving now, letting go of all lower frequencies, clearing our lives.  Join Christ’s Reset Now. People are coming by the thousands, It is TIME.

 Dear Children of My Heart,

I revealed to Catherine Laboure’ the Miraculous Medal in ___. Great sickness was running ramped throughout Europe. I blessed the Medal I shower to Catherine. The sacred Medal was struck and people swarmed to it. Healing after healing occurred. The fame and praise of the Medal spread and thousands were healed immediately. As this occurs again in 2020, with the coronavirus, please report these healings to

I, Mother Mary, of the Immaculate Concept again take the Medal into my Heart and Soul. I embody within EACH Miraculous Medal a portion of MYSELF. Those who say the Rosary, any of my Holy Rosary Prayer and wear my Miraculous Medal always – NOW with this prayer, receive a huge blessing if you ask for it- My Empowerment and healing of the Coronavirus. Try this our and tell your family and friends. Many people have a Miraculous Medal now they must ask me to RE-SET this again.

Your Mother and Saint Catherine Laboure’ are with you through My Messenger Mary Clarice McChrist. Given – released, this day 4-5-2020@ 11:10 AM – 1:50 PM (had to type 3x.)

Post Widely

From Mary of the Immaculate Concept

Mary Clarice McChrist 4-5-2020

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