The Power of Prayer- Wheels Within Wheels, Worlds within Worlds

Please enfold and comfort each other daily. So many people do not have family or a spiritual community they can connect with. It is important not to feel isolated and alone. Know I am here as Mother Mary-Ma for you, and for your loved-ones.  We can form circles within circles and wheels within wheels that move together or separately, keeping us encircled in prayers of Divine Love. Just knowing this may be helpful to someone, perhaps yourself.

Every day, when I say my Daily Practice, I call each member by name, and the four people you asked me to pray for if you are a Blue Rose Member or in any of the classes. Our list grows daily, and our circle become wider and stronger. Each of you are unique and perfect just as you are.  Mother Mary and I accept you just as you are without question. Please join us.

On the Solstice, my son David put up our little revolving world. My inner child and I, really have fun with this globe. Notice your Flag and country comes up when you come on line. I don't know if this still happens if you are visiting?? It is also a wonderful world service aid when you are doing your own prayer practice. Project you love into the tiny globe and help empower our wheels within wheels. This increases our power for good. Heaven knows the earth requires our LOVE.

I wrap you in my Love.

God Bless you, so be it and so it is.

Mother Mary-Ma McChrist