We’re Ready Jesus,

“Jesus, Diamond Rainbow Healing and Reset;  March 21, Teleconference from 6-8:00 PM PST Love Offering is $22-65.00   Your choice. Shifts in our reality are created from the top down: spiritual,  mental, emotional, physical  and etheric.

We need to Re-Set our reality. We can create it the way we wish it  to be.  So let’s do it. We will recreate and re-pattern our life and our world. We are healed, whole and Perfect, right now, in the Name of Jesus Christ. So be it and so it IS!

Learn the words that can not be broken or disregarded. Gain this POWER for your self.

You can pay in the Donations on the menu. In New WorldTeachings.com. Call Mary-Ma McChrist for the right call number. It is different.

Can't wait.

Love Mary-Ma

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