In the Name and by the Power of Lord Metatron and Lady Shekina; I call now this hour; this no time to God-Almighty, to Lord Metatron (3x), Galactic Federation to form a space, a time; a World of Absolute and complete protection NOW, now, now.

O Legion of Metatron (3x) O Galactic High Command, (3x) We thank you for your Absolute and complete protection. Thank you, God, I Am (3x) Right now and forever World Without end (3x)

Light Language:

Shan-dea treea, deea (3x)

Creata (3x) Vanda, Vanda, Vonda,

Re-di-a-tah (3x) E-sa-tah (3x) (Blow out.) (3x)


Holy Spirit, Divine Legion of the Mother’s Holy Light.

Come forth now (3x) to Truth I bow. (3x)


Michael’s Armor of Blue, His Sword, shield, platform of your Holy Light-descend, descend, descend.

Reverse anything not right, not of the highest Light, Love and Metatronic Power. Come now this hour. (3x) this instant, this for instant.

So be it and so it is.

She l om (3x) (She alone)


This clearing I give you Mother of Light; Mother of Might, Holder of Universal Light, Love, and Power.

Unfold us all this hour.

Above, forward, in time and back;

There is, right now *no lack, (3x)


There is now, the Power of Abundance

flowing with protection. And Light.

I set all, just right (3x)

Enfolded with My Power.

All good; All right this hour.

With full-fledged Rainbow Power.

Thank you (yawn) so be it and so it is.


Place the flames of Metatron in your heart, temple, home, yard, property, and community, state and world. *All-Good unfurled.

Right now, God/Goddess wonderland,

Compete, whole, protected by His Hand.

In Peace, prosperity and Light,

I command Things are all right.

Each night and each day I say: God is here to stay. (3x)


Our Birth Mantra

*A new template for this world:

New World Teachings is now unfurled (3x-13x)

Unstoppable, full of Power

Our light transforms each hour. (3x)

With flames, we form the Light,

We set all things just right (3x)


We call Our Lady, Her Angels, her Friends.

The radiance of the Mother never ends.

She’s here, right now in Truth.

She protects and hold the youth.


Enfolds our sacred Earth.

She helps us all Re-birth. (3x-13x)

Resets our life anew,

O Lady of Fire; we love you. (3x)


Mantra of the Virgin

        Hail Mary, Virgin Light,

Protect your children, day and night. (13x)



Hold this field/aura in, though,

And around yourself. Breathe slowly –

Feel Her Love healing, bonding,

And responding to our daily requests and petitions for what we desire now.



What are you wishing to create for yourself?” Your family, your community the United States and the world?  Spend a few minutes on this intention. Write down your ideas and desires. Placing them on paper solidifies your thoughts. Sloppy thoughts must be aligned, which means they will recreate themselves in a purer, higher manner. When that is done, call forth your intention, but not before.

I am Lord Metatron, Father and keeper of this reality.

All less than My Light is gone.

I am the Metatronic Song.

Singing my way of Truth, Protecting all elderly, all youth


For each person, place and friend,

Metatron calls the trends.

Pure focus now our rainbow flower.

Enfold all life with Metatronic Power


So be it and so it is.

Ma - Thank you Lord Metatron 10-31-19 4:31 AM -8-Abundance and flow.

Enfold all life with Metatronic power. Place it over all of Ma’s classes and activities.


This session establishes our Intention and our creation of Absolute Dominion held in Power and Light over all our classes in the New World

So be it and So it is.

Ma This is an honor; Thank you Lord Metatron King of all Angelic Hosts of Light.

Crown of the Kabbalah's Highest Might. Ancient Tree of Life. It is done.

© 2019 by Mary McChrist. All Rights reserved.