New World is an Ascended Master Portal, from the Mount Shasta, CA. area, created to advance your personal self-mastery and to uplift humanity, through Spiritual Education.

Who are these Ascended Masters? They are the former saints and sages of all religions, traditions, races and countries. Like Jesus Christ, they have “overcome the world.” What does that mean? They are beyond regular people, because they purified themselves in body, emotions, mind and soul/spirit.  Their lives inspire others. They evolved and went on a “spiritual path” becoming the Initiate, the Disciple, and finally the Master of their own destiny.

New World Teachings are inspired by these avatars also called “world teachers”: like the Universal Mother Mary, Lord Jesus/Yeshua, Lord Kuthumi, Saint Francis, Saint Claire, Goddess Kwan Yin, White Buffalo Calf Women, Lord Buddha, Lord Maitreya and others.

Our Lady, Mother Mary, and her son Christ Jesus, have recently spent months with Mary McChrist creating our New School and classes. Ma studied with the Ascended Masters for 50+ years. El Morya Khan, Chohan of the First Ray of Divine Will has been one of her mentors since 1971. He says she, as a Master Teacher, has produced many Enlightened masters through her inspired teachings. Many have completed their personal missions, and Ascended as well. Others teachers have many students, but few produce actual Masters. This is rare indeed.

Our heart-centered classes were created through the “telepathic union” of Ascended Master beings, and the Divine Mothers, who connect with Our Messenger, Mary Clarice McChrist, who is also called Mary-Ma or Ma.

Come meet our Mother, and experience the Divine Mother who comes through her. This is a valued gift to humanity and Gaia. 13 Days with Mother Mary begins on Sat. November 2, 2019, call Mary-Ma 530-296-4411 for information. It is now available to you at any time. 

A person helped by Mary McChrist:

“As I stepped out of my “Dark night of the Soul” I required a whole team of people with different specialties: I needed protection, to forgive myself, to feel the right connections with God, Mother Mary, and to feel safe, and I needed guidance. I had to know I was really loved. Mary-Ma, you were, all of it, in one package.” Rebecca C.   

Rebecca C. Bay Area, CA. 2-15-14


Who is Mary-Ma McChrist?

Mary Clarice McChrist was born, on Christmas Day and is, herself, one of the Divine Incarnations of the Mother. She has been carefully hidden, and now is Revealed. It is her time as Mother, to step forward, from behind the veil, and to teach you directly, Blessed Ones.

She is a Messenger for the Holy Family and the Ascended Masters for 50 years. Ma is an author or 9 + books, a visionary artist, a Mother, a Grandmother, and a Teacher of Teachers.

Join us, for our first Divine Offering from our new school: 13 Days with Mother Mary which begins Saturday, 11-2-19 from 5-7 P.M. PST on your own phone. When you sign-up, and pay, you will receive this unique phone number. There is a Price structure in place which was designed with YOU in mind.

Act quickly, to join this first Her-storic Round of 13 Days with Mother Mary. These teachings are precious, New and very Experiential. You are welcome to go to TOPICS to get an idea of this class. Then go to Prices and see your options. Join the Heart of the Mother!  If you haver questions email Ma at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Much Love and many blessings.