Our Ascended Master Messenger Mary-Ma McChrist is still being challenged physically, with her health and requires special anti-cancer herbs which cost her about $400.00-$800.00 a month. Recently, some donations helped her get a number of her missing supplements. This improved her health, but the total amount needs to come forth monthly. Ma had been in bed for a month and after using the supplements and your prayers she was up in two days.

Your donation, large or small, would be greatly appreciated!!!   

We have all probably all lost friends and family members to “C.” It is heartbreaking. We all want Ma to stay on the planet and to continue her very important mission of creating spiritual books and teachings for humanity. Jesus Christ and Ma are nearing the completion of his very awesome teachings “13 Classes with Christ Jesus.” These classes will become a permanent part of the NewWorldTeachings.com and be available soon and in the future.

Messengers, like Ma, those who not only channel, but also bring in the energetic embodiment of the master are still quite rare. The words are of course very important, but even more precious is the ability to bring in the “master’s living etheric presence” directly to the students through these personal teachings or through her books. These teachings greatly speed up the student’s progress to their personal enlightenment.

Divine Mother Mary and Jesus Christ feel it is imperative for Our Messenger to survive this three-year challenge. I ask you to take action right now. Go to www.NewWorldTeachings.com and click on the Donation Menu Button or scroll down to the PayPal button below. From there you can make your tax-free donation. We honor your generosity. Special thanks and positive karma will come to those who chose to give a monthly commitment. They will also receive special prayers each day from Ma and\or other Blue Rose Members.  Know you are receiving improved karma by taking this positive action now. God bless you all, whatever you decide to do.

Mother Mary, Queen of Peace               


How else can you help?

Do you have copies of all of Ma’s books?

Have you had a personal Spiritual Evaluation from Mary-Ma? It is like receiving a college course about yourself, normally eight pages long. One of our people recently ordered his THIRD Spiritual Evaluation. He was VERY pleased. 


13 Classes with Mother Mary

13 Classes with Jesus Christ

13 Classes with Archangel
Michael and El Morya Khan

Mary Blue Rose with rosary 178x250 Jesus beckens 117x250 Archangel Michael 188x250


Available now with recorded live sessions from Mother Mary


This program will be starting
8/12/2020 7 pm to 9 pm PST


This class is still being created.