Our Thanksgiving Prayer
O Mother-Father God, all Harmonious,
Hallowed be thy Holy Name Amen.
We come today as a family of Light and Love 

We gather around our table- thank you, God.

For our lives, for our beautiful loved ones.
For our substance, our food, shelter,
Our vehicles, and material comforts.

We know our greatest treasure is LOVE.
Your love for us; our love for our family,
Our friends, those with us today.

And those who are now Our Ancestors.


Let us remember, Our heart Connection-
And be so thankful for them, especially, today.
Let us be thankful, for our Great Country,
One Nation, America, that was established,
Under God whom we trust and place now,
Within Our own Hearts to receive your care.

Thank you for our food this day.
We sanctify it in your beautiful and Holy Name.
We pray for those who are alone,
Forgotten, sick, or beyond hope,
For those, who lack food or comfort.

Christ taught us to Love Our neighbor as
Our self; may we do this now, in respect,
For our Lord as we Commune with all.
Through the Holy Heart of All Humanity.

Amen, all-women, all-children, all-men, All-creation, All-One,
So be it and so it Is.


I Am Mary, Queen of Peace,
Your Mother and Comforter.
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