New World Teachings  ~ We are the World ~ We are the Children ~ We are the Ones ~ Who will Birth the Golden Age ~ So Let's get going!

1. Spiritual Evaluations are very popular. This week I got a request for the third one from the same person; once in 2003, the second one for him in 2015, and another one now in 2020. They are the most complete evaluation you will probably ever receive. It is like a spiritual course on yourself. It includes: Your Light Ancestry, are you in the Book of Live? The Book of Heaven? Where are you from? What sector? planet,etc. What kingdom are you from? Your Holy spirit gifts? Percentages open? Archangelic colors, connections, qualities, angels? Elohim connections? Your Council of Light by name, Your masters and guides by name: Your initiation level and Light quotient? You will receive the Bonus of a personal message from one of your personal spirit mentor. All this for $175-200. Go to donations in the Menu on the top of Email a recent photo. to Spiritual Evaluation This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Allow 2 weeks, because I am very busy. I look forward to sharing with you.  Mother. Mary-Ma Send me your phone number. Most Spiritual Evaluations are done over the phone. I prepare them before our private teleconference. It is a wonderful experience. Call 530-296-4411.

2. Heart Chamber Readings help heal your heart and past issues. We will explore and read each chamber.  Unresolved issues will emerge.

Many people enjoy this process. The Love offering is from $150-$175. Call to set up an appointment. 530-572-1604.