New World Teachings  ~ We are the World ~ We are the Children ~ We are the Ones ~ Who will Birth the Golden Age ~ So Let's get going!

Initiates, Disciples, and Masters

All Plans Include:

Mother Mary’s Amazing Offer/Dispensation, given on 11-3-19. If you bring 1 paying person to this teaching, and they join us, you earn one-half off 13 Days; if you bring in 2 paying people YOU come absolutely FREE. Let Ma know immediately 530-568-1106.

The Blessed Mother’s Blue Rose of the Healing Heart by Mary Clarice McChrist is Our Lady's Bible. 

It is perfect to use during the Blue Rose Devotionals on Sunday. This is our FREE Gift to all new Members or $25.00 off another book or reading.

The Guiding Hand of Mary Clarice McChrist who has produced 26 Enlightened Masters according to El Morya Khan her mentor.

Many Teachings are 20 years ahead of their time


Connection with Your Own Higher Self

Protection by the Archangelic Hosts Archangel Michael

Protection by Archangel Metatron, Crown of the Kabbalah, Tree of Life

A Certification of Completion of the 13 Days with Mary (When you complete this class)

Readings are always available to you at a 20% discount

Much Love and many Blessings, Mary-Ma McChrist