"You, Mary-Ma, were my BEST TEACHER."

Sherri Ellison Montague, CA.



“This is Marcy, S. just want to thank you for your love and devotion to God-Goddess and for all you do for Jesus and Mother Mary and for all of humanity, and the whole universe. Thank you so much. Thank you for holding the flame for all of us. You’re helping all twin flames to reunite. You helped me to come back to you…Your love and compassion...you’re so beautiful and so awesome.

You gave me a healing, by just listening to my pain and sorrow…a huge gift…I’m in gratitude…I’m in good hands …I feel so blessed and so changed from it. Thank you. (3x)”

Marcy, 3-2-2020 (Permission to use this comment 3-4-2020.)




I am Bethena, of the House of Grace.

Mary-Ma, we wish to thank you for your school, New World Teachings and for your “13 Days with Mother Mary.”

We are Seraphim Angels of the Celestial Choir from France.

Our favorite class is #13 on the Family and especially the Blue Rose Prophecy from Lord Jesus.

We are all taking your Mary Class!



“As I stepped out of my “Dark Night of the Soul,” I required a whole team of people with different specialties: I needed protection, to forgive myself, to feel the right connections with God, Mother Mary, and to feel safe, and I needed guidance. I had to know, I was really loved. Mary-Ma, you were, all of it, in one package.” Rebecca C.   

Rebecca C. Bay Area, CA. 2-15-14