New World Teachings  ~ We are the World ~ We are the Children ~ We are the Ones ~ Who will Birth the Golden Age ~ So Let's get going!

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Index- Christ Lessons

Blue Rose - symbol, meaning, prophecy, legacy, and decree


Bonus Gift “My Message is Love” by Jesus the Christ when you pay for your “13 Lessons with Christ”


Lesson 1 - The Father and the Son

In My Father’s House (MP3)

Take My Heart by Christ (MP3)

Lesson 2 - The Holy Names purpose and power; honor your own name and lineage.

Lesson 3 - Nothing Can Touch Me (MP3)

Fellow Me – initiations and practice

Advanced – I Am Fire

What is Love? Jesus Christ Channeling

Lesson 4 - Color – Rays and Flames -New Colors for the Golden Age-given for the first time.

Lesson 5 - Christmas Teachings (This class is on 12-5-2020 to go with the season.)

Advanced – Birth of Christ Issa (A secret Teaching)

Lesson 6 - Devotions and Healing

Lesson 7 - Children (A strong and powerful tribute to the new Children.)

Christ and Magdalene’s Daughter Sarah (MP3) Amazing!

Lesson 8 - Abundance

Blessing of Loaves and Fishes (MP3)

Lesson 9 - Crucifixion, Arc of the Covenant

Take Christ Off the Cross (4-20-2020)

Blessing of the Holy Spirit

Lesson 10 – When Tragedy Strikes - What do we do?

Jesus Interrupts Psalms 23 and 91

Lesson 11 – Ascension Teachings-The Buddha, the Christ, and the Mother

The Buddha (the Lotus) and Christ (the Rose) a profound poem and teaching of their Oneness.

Lesson 12 – Mary Magdalene and Relationships – Twin Flames, how to Re-Set the Twins, and improve love relationships. 

Diamond Weaving (Metatron & Maitreya), other important points.

Magdalene, the Black Rose Book Talk (9-22-15 YouTube Video)

Lesson 13 – Mother Holds Me (MP3) Visit from, Saint /Father Padre Pio.

Graduation & Star Virtues

The Procession to the Throne (MP3) Actual visit to the Throne of Christ

Advanced – The Anchoring of Responsibility for self and Group

        Mary Ma's Enlightenment Experience and Witnessing by Spirit

        "Tribute for Ma" by El Morya Khan. while she is still in the physical.