New World Teachings  ~ We are the World ~ We are the Children ~ We are the Ones ~ Who will Birth the Golden Age ~ So Let's get going!

MRT Master [section 1]

*Sessions are pre-recorded and available now.

We will learn to: 

  • Sit in a circle of equality
  • "Flow with the Spirit"
  • "Speak with Empowered Words"
  • Take nothing personal
  • Support each other's growth
  • Bond as a round table family
  • It's about Being (living, following the heart) not just learning

Our Spirit partners on our round table Arch Angel Michael, Mary Magdalene, Qwan Yin, Mother Isis, El Morya, Sita / Rom, Jesus Christ, and Lady Nada, Kutumi, and the Arch Angeles

Access to Program: 1 Year
Price: $300.00