Hail children of God, Christ Our Lord and Savior called us into his heart of grace. Gather around the symbolic Christmas tree which represents the Tree of Life, the Kabbalah, the unknown supreme mother, and the beloved holy family. We call for the Christmas angels, the Heavenly Choir, of lady Nada, and the mighty archangels of the throne of the Father. We bring our joy and blessings to you now, may the Mother and her Son, Christ, touch your life, and heal every illusion, all pain, and suffering. May the Star of Bethlehem rise in your heart. May the Christ save Yeshua /Jesus be born anew. Peace, Thanksgiving forgiveness, and prosperity to you, and yours.

I am Archangel Michael your protector in God 12/04/21

I am Mary-Ma McChrist mother of the  Mother-Matŕx messenger for the Holy Family
my phone number is 530 572-1604


Prayer for your family by Jesus Christ,  Immanuel

Children of my heart, kneel with your family,  join hands, ask for forgiveness. for you are saved through my grace. My Sacrifice freed you, and covers you even now, with holiness. Except for my glory, be my peace, it is done.
Jesus Christ, Yeshua was given 12/04/2021 at 1:26 Pacific Standard Time.

Messenger: Mary Clarice McChrist born 12/25/1937