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stock-photo-flag-of-united-states-of.webpWe have a Free telephone prayer session for everyone.
You all know what the world is currently facing.
Our prayers have never been more important.

Esoteric Teachings of Christ by Jesus himself, Lady Liberty (Spirit of America), Archangel Gabriel, and Archangel Raphael have come through to bless and heal our Country. Jesus, Yeshua Christ offers a profound Eucharist Ceremony.  Visionary Rob shares his powerful visual experiences. Omega calls with Christ, for the restoration of America through messenger Mary-Ma McChrist

Name Play Size Duration
Sabbath Prayer Power Hour Prayers for America 09-29-2022
New World Teachings

5 MB 12:52 min
Healing and Restoring America 135 07-23-2022
New World Teachings

23.3 MB 1:00:42 min
Sabbath Prayer Power Hour - Restore the United States
New World Teachings

21.9 MB 1:00:29 min
Sabbath Prayer Power Hour - No Bullets No Bombs 09-29-2022

1 MB 2:35 min
Sabbath Prayer Power Hour - Mother Mary Shocks the World - Archangel Rafaels Covent 09-17-2022
New World Teachings

3.3 MB 8:35 min
Sabbath Prayer Power Hour - Inspiration for America 09-24-2022

22.6 MB 1:00:13 min

 If you would like to join us in our next prayer session.
It is held most Saturdays at 11:00 am PST.
call (351) 888-6369
[no access code is needed]





Love ya, Mary-Ma McChrist 

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