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Welcome to New World  Your heart has guided you to this Web site; it is not by accident that you are here today.

Your heart will blossom, and your mind will expand further. These teachings will open your receptivity to Enlightenment, and inspire and improve your daily life. They bring healing, and protection, and place you under the guidance of Divine Will. Thank you for coming - join us today.  

Our Mission: The Mission of New World Teachings is to create 33 New Living Masters by 2025.

They will have completed *7 Sets of 7 Initiations and will be beginning on their *12 Sets of 12 Initiations by Lord Maitreya. (He was Jesus Christ's original Mentor 2000 years ago and was present at the Descent of the Dove, the Holy Spirit.)

Although some of this material is advanced you will move at your own pace and receive all the help you require to understand everything you need to know. For now, Let go of what you don't understand. It will be crystal clear when your foundation is set.

Our Lady, Mother Mary, offers us the Foundation Teachings in: "13 Classes with Mother Mary," including some secret ones so we can immediately improve our daily life.

Our Lord will then offer us: "13 Classes with Lord Jesus Christ."  His Words will make some people cry because they are so inspiring and uplifting. He shows us the WAY, the Truth, and the Path - He himself followed. He instructs us to take him off the cross, thus also freeing ourselves from our own burdens. He offers a Daily Practice we can choose to follow. "I Am the Way, the Truth, and the Life." 

Our Protector, Archangel Michael, has come forward and offered us: "6 Classes with Archangel Michael." He, and El Morya Khan of the First Ray, are co-sponsors of the Blue Rose Knights. Join the waiting list. This powerful group contains both women and men. A few knights are already active, protecting our New World Teachings. Tell Mary-Ma if you feel you are one of these knights.

Ma says, "My own spiritual attainment has sky-rocketed since I began telepathically receiving New World Teachings in October 2019."

Mary-Ma McChrist, the Messenger



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