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Prayers from the Holy Family 180x279

Christ Endorsement

"Prayers from the Holy Family by Mary Clarice McChrist is my favorite prayer book. We will be using this book a lot with our Christ Lessons.  It would be perfect to bring to our Sunday devotions."

Lord Jesus the Christ

     As Mary-Ma McChrist and her editor, Joni Farris tried to anchor this precious book into Mother Earth, the Dark One's battle furiously removing pages and sliding the typing around.  They destroyed the book in 2015 and they tried bitterly to do that again in 2018 and 2019.

     The wrong version of the book was even substituted for the perfect copy. But now it’s your opportunity to act.  This is evidence of the power and might of the Prayers from the Holy Family book. Order this book now. Use it every day; shift darkness into brilliant Ascension Light and we will enfold you in our love.

I am Jesus Christ, your Lord, and brother, Emmanuel.

Heart Stream Mary Clarice McChrist


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