There are brand new books The Blessed Mother"s Blue Rose of the Healing Heart  is now available from Mary McChrist. It is $19.95 and $5.00 for shipping. Call Mary for details. 530-296-4411. If you have joined the "13 Days..." You are to receive this book for free. Be sure and call Mary-Ma to remind her if you don't already have this amazing book from Our Lady. Please bring this book to the Blue Rose Devotions on Sundays. 

Ask for an autograph is you wish this put into your book.

Call Mary-Ma at:530-296-4411.

13 Classes with Mother Mary

13 Classes with Jesus Christ

13 Classes with Archangel
Michael and El Morya Khan

Mary Blue Rose with rosary 178x250 Jesus beckens 117x250 Archangel Michael 188x250


Available now with recorded live sessions from Mother Mary


This program will be starting
8/22/2020 2 pm to 4 pm PST


This class is still being created.